VELPHORO Access Solutions | VELPHORO® (sucroferric oxyhydroxide)

There are 2 ways to connect to Velphoro Access Solutions

  1. Visit to sign up and log in
  2. Download a benefits investigation application and fax back

Velphoro is covered under all major Medicare and commercial plans.


Start patients on the path to Velphoro is your direct route to Velphoro Access Solutions and other programs that can connect your patients to Velphoro.§

Initiate benefits investigations, monitor patient benefits, and access all patient programs provided by Fresenius Renal Pharmaceuticals Rx Solutions. Fast, convenient, and secure.

§Fresenius Kidney Care: Continue to access benefits investigation via ePOC.

Start on the path to Velphoro with these simple steps

Initiate a benefits investigation by completing the application

Receive the Benefits at a Glance report within 48 hours

Take the pathway that's best, based on coverage

Follow one of these pathways to Velphoro

For all patients with commercial insurance

  • Velphoro Copay Savings Program
    • Who’s eligible: Patients with commercial insurance with copay, coinsurance, or a deductible
    • How they can benefit: Savings are automatically applied and most patients will pay $0 for Velphoro*†‡1
  • Assistance for eligible patients
    • For commercially insured patients with household income between 1.5–4.5 times the Federal poverty limit, up to $119,250 for a family of four2
    • Patients are automatically referred if their out-of-pocket costs are >$50|| 

Connect patients to Velphoro 2 ways