Clinical Care Team | VELPHORO® (sucroferric oxyhydroxide)

Peer-to-peer videos

Hear how your peers talk to their patients about the unique features of Velphoro, and find out how Velphoro can help with some of the challenges of phosphate management.

Clinical Care Team Guide

Lighten Their Journey, a Clinical Care Team Guide to Supporting Patients on Velphoro

The Clinical Care Team Guide is a comprehensive resource to help support patients. The guide and patient handouts are available from your Velphoro representative. Request a visit today

Additional copies of the patient handouts are available (in English and Spanish) and can be downloaded below.

American Kidney Fund phosphorus overview
Phosphorus Overview

Helps patients understand phosphorus and the importance of controlling phosphorus levels.

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Are you taking too many pills? patient handout
Are You Taking Too Many Pills?

Explains how a more potent phosphate binder can help, and what questions patients should ask you about Velphoro treatment. 

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Velphoro Fact Sheet
Velphoro Fact Sheet

Provides important dosing and administration information for patients when they’re starting Velphoro.

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Commonly asked questions about Velphoro
Patient Q&A

Answers commonly asked questions about Velphoro, and links to videos on the patient website.

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Staying on track with Velphoro
Staying on Track

Supports patients with tips on remembering to take Velphoro so they can stay on track with treatment.

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Long-term Therapy with Velphoro
Long-Term Therapy

Provides a primer on phosphorus goals, understanding the phosphorus lab report, and tracking phosphorus levels over time.

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Seasonal certificates to recognize a patient's progress
Patient Certificates (seasonal themes)

Recognize a patient's progress toward their phosphorus goals throughout the year.

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A certificate to recognize a patient's progress
Patient Certificate

Acknowledges a patient’s progress toward their phosphorus goal. 

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*Presenter is a paid speaker and has been compensated for their time. 

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