Velphoro was well tolerated with long-term use*1

GI adverse events were mild to moderate, and resolved without intervention1


Adverse events occurring in >5% of patients during the 52-week clinical study1,2:

  • Diarrhea (24%): The majority of diarrhea events were mild and transient, occurred soon after initiation of treatment, and resolved1

    See time to onset
  • Discolored feces (16%): Discolored feces is expected with an iron-containing product1

  • Nausea (10%): Incidences were reported during the first 6 months, but diminished over time2


Velphoro is selective, with few drug or metabolic interactions

Velphoro is a powerful, selective phosphate binder that doesn't bind to vitamins A, D, E, K, or folic acid, as sevelamer does.1,3

Patients taking Velphoro require no additional monitoring for iron management

  • The iron in Velphoro is not absorbed. Nearly all of it binds to phosphate1

  • No additional monitoring of iron indices needed1

  • Velphoro has no contraindications, and does not contribute to iron overload syndrome1

*A 52-week, open-label, active-controlled, phase 3 study evaluated the safety and efficacy of Velphoro in lowering serum phosphorus levels in patients (N=1,054) with chronic kidney disease on hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. In the titration phase (first 24 weeks), patients were randomized to receive either Velphoro or sevelamer carbonate to establish the noninferiority of Velphoro to sevelamer carbonate in lowering serum phosphorus at 12 weeks (secondary endpoint). The following withdrawal phase (weeks 24 to 27, n=93) established the superiority of Velphoro with an effective maintenance dose over a placebo-like low dose (primary endpoint). During a final long-term maintenance phase (weeks 28-52, n=658), patients continued phosphate binder treatment according to their original randomization for the assessment of long-term efficacy, safety, and tolerability.1

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